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What is it Educational Kinesiology?

"Educational” comes from the Latin, 'educere', meaning to draw out, draw forth or educe.
“Kinesiology” comes from the Greek word 'kinesis' (the production of motion), means the study of the principles of mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement.

Educational Kinesiology, or Edu-K is a system for empowering learners of all ages
to draw out their innate potential by using movement activities.


What is BrainGym

BrainGym® is the registered trademark for the name given to the 26 specific movements that are part of the BrainGym® and Edu-K program. They offer a context for learning through structured play.

In over 160 countries and in 50 languages, the curriculum is being used within a growing number of education and training programs in schools, corporate settings, athletic performance and health/aged care institutions.

BrainGym® provides a safe, secure environment where learners can develop sensory, perceptural and motor skills, achieve cognitive, emotional, social, and physical growth. The participants experience their own learning through explorations of action and balance.

BrainGym® switches on areas in the brain that are needed to function with day to day learning.

The movements are
* quick, easy, enjoyable, adaptable, portable
* bring dramatic and lasting changes
* based on over 80 years of research
* shown in clinical experience, in field studies, and in published research reports, to prepare children and adults with the physical skills they need in order to function effectively in the classroom or workplace.

BrainGym® is a 'learning readiness program' that places emphasis on the physical aspects of learning and behaviour.

Doing the movements switches on the physical functioning of your brain and central nervous system. It improves learning, thinking, motivation, comprehension, communication, self esteem and confidence.

Understanding the significance of the physical aspects of learning, we are able to make new connections and neural pathways of communication within the brain/body to access more of our potential.

The BrainGym 101 program (4 day seminar)


The Creators of Edu-K and BrainGym activities

In the 1960’s, Dr Paul Dennison began seminal research into reading achievement and its relation to brain development. He is a pioneer in the field of movement education and an authority on the acquistion of cognitive and academic skills.

An educational therapist who was looking for ways for help children and adults who had been identified as learning disabled, he began to notice that after doing certain movements his student’s learning and performance often improved.

Dr Dennison’s research lead him to the study of kinesiology, the science of body movement and the relationship of the brain/body connection, posture and muscle movement.

Working alongside developmental optometrists, he offered his students a full program in sensory development, including a few simple movements that he observed as improving equilbrium and perceptual skills. These movements would someday spark the idea for the enture BrainGym® program.

Many of the BrainGym® movements and Edu-K processess were developed by Dr Dennison’s knowledge of the relationship of movement to perception, and the impact of these on the fine motor and academic development.

He has worked closely with behaviour optometrists, applied kinesiologists, sports performance educators and neuroscientists, as well as many professionals in the educational field.

Since the early 1980’s, Dennison has been developing this work together with his wife Gail Dennison, and over 35 years continues to research the develop the BrainGym® and Edu-K process of learning through movement.

You can see more about BrainGym at (Australia)

The BrainGym 101 program (4 day seminar)

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