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Acupuncture can be Transformational

Physical healing places you on the road to healing and regain optimum health. The healing program starts with Acupuncture to strengthen and balance your core life energy.

Vitamins, minerals and your food, don't work very efficiently if your energy system isn't flowing freely throughout your body. Optimum health or ultimate wellness starts with the energy flowing through each of your body's organs and meridian energy pathways.

Next level is your emotional health.

Acupuncture's greatest gift to the world and one of it's key components is it's miraculous effect it has on the emotions. Bring the body's energy up and you will begin to restore your emotional integrity. You will experience emotional stability, enough so that you will clearly see the parts of your psych that need to change. You will begin to identify your own personal blocks to love, happiness and inner peace.

A series of acupuncture sessions aim to support your personal growth, to set you on the road to optimum health and to teach you the skills to keep improving. Your mind will become clearer, you will feel more centered and balanced.

For ultimate wellness our thoughts have to be supportive. If our mind is filled with stressful thoughts then that type of negative energy filters down through our nervous system into our organs and muscles. Our body becomes the container of our stress or unhappiness or grief, sadness, anger or fear. These negative thoughts become the negative emotions we experience in our physical bodies.

Acupuncture helps you find balance and clarity.

It helps you experience truth. You are able to experience what a balanced mind, emotions and body feel like. Acupuncture helps to strengthen your courage and mental clarity to choose the best for yourself. The journey that we are all on never stops and once we start on the path of self discovery it never stops. The journey of life is always moving, always changing, always developing.

Do you feel that you have all the tools for self-discovery and optimum health?

Having given many many acupuncture sessions over the years, one of the programs I created is called "The Vital Energy Program". The Vital Energy program (VEP) has been designed to help you at all levels of being-Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. The 4 month program helps you find clarity on how you wish to live. If you only wish to work on healing your physical body, the program will assist you to detox and strengthen your body.

If it is your Emotional body you wish to work on then VEP will help you stabilise and center, help you experience emotional balance and happiness. Acupuncture has the ability to reveal where your strengths are and what weaknesses you need further help with. At the Mind level VEP helps quieten and clear, so that you developed the clarity to make healthy and informed choices.

And at the Spiritual level I find acupuncture helps you develop an inner connection to your Higher Self. The Ultimate aim with all healing is a deeper connection to our True selves. Our Higher self or Soul, finds it difficult to communicate with us through our intuition, when we have a busy mind, feeling negative emotions or suffering physical pain.

To be connected to the Divine we have to first of all deal with our basic requirements. The Divine wishes to enter, to join with us, to be fully present in every part of being. Human beings have abilities that they haven't even acknowledged let alone developed.

The most aspiring aim of the program is to help you connect with your higher Self. In other words to become who you truly are, a divine being in a human body. When acupuncture is seen and experienced in this context, it is pointed clearly at the Sacred Self.

Optimum Health is an on going commitment. Our Vital Energy program has been designed to get you started on the road to Inner Peace.

It doesn't take a big commitment to make your life happier and healthy. It just takes the willingness to start the program, the courage to be willing to change.


An old chinese proverb says

'A journey of 1000 miles

always begins with the first step'.

Article by Robert Kendall

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