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Balanced Emotions, Healthy Body, Peaceful Mind seminar

There are new forms of psychotherapy sweeping the western world and they are grouped under the heading of Energy Psychology.

These new energy therapies are based on the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), scientifically researched and validated forms of Meditation, revolutionary Brain/Heart research, consciousness technologies and the integrative tools of Kinesiology.

This 2-day Seminar has been designed to give you practical and easy to practice tools and techniques that can help you quickly move from feeling anxious and overwhelmed to feeling more positive, clear and balanced.

“The cause of all negative emotions is a
disruption in the body’s energy system.”
Dr Roger Callahan

Day 1: Saturday - Balanced Emotions
This day is designed to introduce you to some of the basic principles of energy medicine and how we can resolve energy blockages in our body to bring about positive change.

We will focus our learning on how to clear our negative emotions and stress, and restore an inner state of balance and peace by using the gentle art of EFT often called ‘meridian tapping’.

We explore the knowledge gained from brain research, Traditional Chinese Energy Medicine (TCM) wisdom and the new Energy Psychology developed by Gary Craig, known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

It seems it isn’t our past memories that cause us stress and pain but the negative emotional energy charge that these memories stored in the acupuncture meridian/energetic pathways of the body.

So instead of trying to undo the thoughts or memories which has been attempted by millions in therapy for many years usually with highly unpredictable results, the energy based techniques directly intervene in the middle step, the disrupted energy flow. Once the energy pathway has been fully cleared the person experiences no further pain or negative emotions from the original memory or thought.

Each session involves gently tapping a sequence of energy points on the upper body with the fingertips, which releases the negative emotional charge. Nothing else is used and the client doesn’t have to discuss the problem, as long as they are inwardly focused on the problem, the tapping works.

Once learnt it is easy to practise on yourself. It truly is one of the best self help techniques for healing negative emotions.

These techniques are easy to learn and may be used for anything with an emotional connection including learning problems, stress reduction, relationships issues, study anxiety, addictions, bad habits, pain, cravings, creativity and sports performance.


Day 2: Sunday - Peaceful Body & Mind
Using techniques taught by traditional Eastern meditation masters and the kinesthetic brain skills learned from Educational Kinesiology, you will discover how to enhance the brain’s emotional states of calm, joy and compassion, and how to use the brain’s plasticity to change it self.

Scientific research on the benefits of Meditation is now revealing, what meditation masters have always known, that the energy and chemistry of our thoughts and emotions actually sculpt our body and brain’s nervous system and therefore our lives.

By combining neuroscience research with wisdom from traditional eastern contemplative practices, you will learn how to use your mind in a relaxed and peaceful manner to help rewire your brain and develop deeper heartfelt connections for greater happiness, inner peace and loving kindness.

Over Sunday, Learn how:-
* to apply Educational Kinesiology activities to bring about a state of internal balance helping you to access greater mental clarity and feelings of centeredness and calm in any given situation.
* Traditional Eastern breathing techniques enhance body. mind and heart integration.
* 4 Styles of meditation and deep body relaxation to enhance healing, slow the processes of aging, and reduce anxiety and stress on a daily basis
*To with meditation, tap the unused potential of your brain, intuitive heart and physical body, and rewire them over time for greater wellbeing & peace of mind.
•To increase the body’s healing potential, strengthening both the immune and hormonal systems.
• To reduce pain levels both physically and mentally.

By the gentle practice of relaxation and meditation we will in this one day learn how to quieten and bring peace and happiness to our body/mind complex. Giving us greater opportunities to experience more fulfilling relationships, physical wellbeing, a great sense of inner confidence and self worth with a deeper spiritual awareness.


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