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The Oneness Blessings Experience:

Explanation of the Oneness Blessing by the monks at Oneness University, India.

Complied by Lisa & Pasquo Cassetta, Oneness Centre Australia

Oneness Temple

People visit places of power, People of power. The Oneness Blessing or Deeksha (as it is called in India) is a phenomenon of power. Man has been endeavouring to raze down the wall of mind that separates him from God or the Transcendental. Meditations, techniques, teachings and every form of effort to still thought, instead of leading him to the goal, have made it farther away. Sri Bhagavan (co founder of the Oneness Movement) says, "Thought cannot end thought; effort cannot end effort, the self cannot end itself."

Every pursuit strengthens the pursuer and meditation the meditator. When you know that the effort is counter productive, a new form of effort arises - the effort to stop all effort. Effort multiplies in an exponential ratio, effort, effort 2, effort 3. Thus numerous seekers fighting their battles with the mind have lost hope. A spiritual awakening calls for the outbreak of a massive phenomenon and the Oneness Blessing is the response to that call. It is 'God' or 'The Divine', now punching a hole in the wall for man to cross over.

The Oneness Blessing is based on an ancient principle that says, 'anything could be transferred, be it states of consciousness, wisdom or energy'. In the Vedic lineage there is a story of a master who enraged at his disciple demanded that he return the wisdom imparted to him. The obedient disciple coughs out a 'golden ball of insights' bestowed by the master. The 'Pentecost' phenomenon where the apostles laid their hands and people had a plethora of experiences also testifies the principle of transfer. In many eastern traditions the masters used 'Mantras' to transfer spiritual experiences and wisdom.

Oneness Blessings by themselves have varied forms; the transfer by touch (Sparsha Deeksha), transfer through eyes (Nayana Deeksha), transfer through an intent (Smarana Deeksha), etc. Based on the evolution of the individual (giver and the receiver) the mode of Oneness Blessing undergoes a change.

The Oneness Blesssing thus given, affects a neuro-biological change. There are 16 centres in the brain responsible for definitive experiences like sensory perception, emotions of jealousy, hatred, fear, compassion, love, joy, separation, connectedness, creativity, learning, etc. The Oneness Blessing results in the activation of certain centres and the de-activation of certain centres bringing about a shift in the perception and experience of life. The process finally lands the seeker in a permanent, incredible state of consciousness.

A unique feature about this phenomenon is 'a Oneness Blessing given is also a Blessing received'. When you receive a Blessing, you are a beneficiary. That is well known - but when you give a Blessing, your spiritual process is accentuated to a great extent. You play a role of a helmsman who himself crosses the river rowing others ashore.

Millions across the globe are partaking Divine Grace in the form of the Oneness Blessing that quenches everyone's thirst. It is the convergence of man's passion and God's compassion.

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Article by Robert Kendall

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