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The Oneness Blessings Experience:

The Oneness Blessings called Oneness Deeksha

Oneness - an Altered State of Consciousness. Compilation of Teachings for Webcast with Sri Bhagavan

Over the last part of 2010 Sri Bhavan had a regular Sunday webcast. He asked people to do a process called Mukthi Deeksha (liberation blessing) during the 3 hour process Bhagavan would come online and meditate giving the Blessings through His presence. He would ask us to contempalte a lesson before the webcast.

Below are some of His teachings. He continues every week while increasing the Blessing energy.

Any of these lessons may be used for meditation.

By being grateful for all that has happened and to the people involved in one's life, one enters the spiritual path.

Fear is the greatest obstacle on the spiritual path; confront your fears.

See your self in others, see others in you.

Be Yourself.

When stepping back from your own mind occurs, there is an understanding of all things.

When judgment stops of its own accord, there is oneness with all that is.

The awakened one, acts without doing anything, this cannot be practiced

The Awakened One is empty and therefor capable. One should not try to empty one's self

The Awakened One is detached from all things, and hence, is one with everything. Detachment when practiced leads to indifference which is not detachment

WEEK 10:
The Awakened One sees the world as himself or herself. Loves and cares
for the world as one's self. To the Awakened One all things are
perfect as they are.

WEEK 11:
The Awakened One remains unmoving, and action arises by its self. The Awakened One allows things to come and go like clouds in the sky. The Awakened Ones sustains all beings without trying to.

WEEK 12:
The Awakened One is open to everything and everything falls into place.

WEEK 13:
The Awakened One is one with that which was there before the universe was born. It is the one which is eternally present, the unborn and the undying, one without a beginning and an end, ever unchanging, solitary, empty, infinite, blissful, the eternal 'I'.

WEEK 14:
The Awakened One remains unmoving till perfect action arises by itself. The Awakened One is free of all views and concepts; is One with the what is.

A true gift of Grace

Sri Bhagavan is now giving webcasts to take us all into deeper states of Oneness and Awakening. The webcasts will involve the weekly teachings and a 15 min.meditation with Sri Bhagavan, with the intention to move the participants into higher states of consciousness, in turn effecting global transformation.

Eastern Australian time is 2:30am and 2:30 Om every Sunday

"Man cannot make it on his own, this Oneness state has to be given to him. This is the Gift - the Benediction that Amma & Bhagavan are giving. When Amma & Bhagavan's divine grace manifests, it is Oneness"

Millions across the globe are partaking Divine Grace in the form of the Oneness Blessing that quenches everyone's thirst. It is the convergence of man's passion and God's compassion. The home site of the Oneness Movement is For the full list of FAQ about the Oneness Blessings go to the PDFile - click here or visit the official Australian coordinators, Lisa and Pasquo Cassetta at

Article by Robert Kendall

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