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“All Life is Relationship”

We define ourselves in relation to others.

This is a key part of our healing, personally and collectively in Oneness. 

Especially important is the relationship with our parents.
Problems that persist have roots internally.  When conflict resolves inside, it will resolved automatically on outside too.

Incomplete experiences stored in unconscious become charges stored within our bodies.
Our lives reflect relationships with parents: we attract similar people, repeat patterns with significant others later in life,  the ones we first relate to in life are parents or parent figures.

Inner child – charges and traumas from childhood get triggered
throughout life,  powerful, the more conscious they become the less power they have to influence our choices and experiences.

Forgivness of others and ultimately ourselves for our perceptions of situations in the past/present is of vital importance.  The energetic effects of releasing ourselves and others from our thoughts about the situation/experience, will free us and the people involved.

All we can do, is start where we are.  We let the unraveling begin and allow the healing forces of our connection with our divine selves illuminate the dark and stuck areas of our lives.

We thus free our own energy and that of others when we can be with what is, in the field of forgiveness and love.  The potential for healing is tremendous and profound when these processes of forgivness are done with deep love and sincereity.


Article by Robert Kendall

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