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The Oneness Blessings Experience:

Our first experience in becoming Oneness Blessing Givers

Hi Everyone,

Shauna and I have just returned from the Fiji Campus of the Oneness University. We spent an intense and beautiful week where we were initiated into giving the Oneness Blessing or Deeksha (as it is known in India).I don't know how much to tell you as it is a very deeply personal experience that opens the receiver up to their own Divine Presence and invokes Grace into the Heart and Mind.

Shauna & I have been drawn to the Blessings for 2 important reasons. After many years of being on a spiritual path we realize that the final steps to the Divine have to be done with the help of the Divine, mainly in the form of Grace. The more we use our minds to get there (there being love, peace, joy, bliss, enlightenment, oneness, etc) we block the ability to fully embody Universal Consciousness. We need help to get out of our own way, so to speak.

Our 2nd reason for liking the Oneness movement is that there is no body you have to follow nor any doctrine or study you have to do, it is about your own individual sense of the Divine. As I tell people all you have to do is be willing to stick your neck out and get blessed.

The Oneness University accepts all people no matter what their religious or scientific beliefs. It doesn't matter what spiritual path you may follow, you can even be an atheist. People of all religions have felt that the blessing brings them even closer to their own experience of God/Divine/Universe.

The Oneness Blessing is for everyone, it is purely given to help you open to Grace and Love. For the scientifically minded, Brain Research has shown that the Blessing has a direct effect on the Brain, quietening certain areas and awakening other areas.

It seems that through stress, worry, fear, anxiety; in fact any negative emotion felt on a continuous basis, most of humanity gets stuck in the Brain stem (the area of fight and flight) and the parietal areas of the brain. At the Oneness University the guides say that the Brain is really designed for enlightenment, which sits in the frontal lobes of our brains, but that our negative thoughts hold us down and away from these frontal lobes.

CAT scans have shown that the brain does light up in the frontal lobed when having a Blessing. Shauna and I have personally experienced such a change in our brains and body. And we are noticing that our relationship to all of life is going through deep and fundamental shifts. These physiological and psychological experiences have lead us to becoming Blessing Givers.

The Gold Coast currently has only one other blessing giver offering blessings, so we have decided to offer fortnightly blessings at our home and are inviting our friends to come and experience the blessing. If you are interested in attending please phone us, as we have space for 15 people.

We ask for a donation to help continue this work and are happy for you to give what you can afford. (The Byron Bay Oneness Group asks for $15 for the evening.)

We have placed a FAQ sheet about the Oneness Blessing on our website or you can go directly to (India) or (Australia)

We hope to see you soon.

Love Robert & Shauna

Article by Robert Kendall

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