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What's So Vital About Energy?

"Energy must exist before matter is formed" - is a basic law of physics.

Energy condenses into matter, into form and structure. Our physical bodies need energy to live and move. Our minds need energy to think and succeed.Energy must be present for the Human Body (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) to have the power to develop and remain healthy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on the principle that the body is controlled by energy or QI (pronounced Chi) This life force energy can be stimulated or sedated. This Chi flows through the body and all around it.

We are born with 15000 million brain cells and approximately 100000 billion nerve cells throughout the body. Nerve cells need an electrical charge to move through them, your nerves work by electricity and therefore so do all the functions of your body. Thousands of years ago the Chinese discovered that the body had this blueprint energy system, higher than the nervous system and they called the energy pathways the Meridians or channels of the body. They discovered the meridians and points through observation, experimentation, research and deep mediation. By observing the patterns of nature and its direct effect on our bodies, they began to discover the energy flows that exists within us and around us. And through time they developed an amazing system of medicine that had the ability to change the body's energy system and therefore its' structure.

Knowing how to change the energy balance meant that the practitioner could go behind the symptoms of the body and mind. Go directly to the energetic cause of the problem, to the underlying disturbance and correct or heal the imbalance. This correction not only affected the body but also balanced the emotions and quieted the Mind.

For Ultimate Wellness our thoughts have to be supportive of our body's processes. If our mind is filled with stressful thoughts then that type of negative energy filters down through our nervous system into our organs and muscles. Our body becomes the container of our stress or unhappiness or grief, sadness, anger or fear. These negative thoughts become the negative emotions we experience in our physical bodies. Ultimate Wellness starts with the energy flowing through each of your mind and body's organs and meridian energy pathways.

Acupuncture's greatest gift to the world and one of its key components is the miraculous effect it has on the emotions

Bringing the body's energy up will begin to restore your emotional integrity. You will experience emotional stability, long enough to clearly see the parts of you that need to change. You will begin to identify your own personal blocks to love, happiness and inner peace. At the HeavenEarth Natural Therapies Clinic in Burleigh Waters, Acupuncturist Robert Kendall has developed a program that he calls the Vital Energy Program using the healing techniques of what he calls Transformational Acupunctureâ„¢ .

Robert has developed this program from 25 years of studying Energetic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Therapies. Using the diagnostic techniques from these modalities, Robert and his wife Shauna, take their clients on a three-month health program. They have put this program together because they wanted to inspire and educate people. To give people the knowledge that they have many options when it comes to looking after their own health. Robert and Shauna say optimum health isn't hard, its just a matter of choice; choosing the right foods, choosing to exercise, choosing the correct ways to think and even choosing how to feel!

Most people would like to change their lives, lose some weight, have more energy and less stress, sleep better, feel happier, be more peaceful, think more clearly and have a deeper connection to their higher selves. It doesn't take a big commitment to make your life happier and healthier. In reality, it just takes the willingness to start the Vital Energy Program.

The Vital Energy Program is done gradually over a 12 week period using Transformational Acupuncture, Cleansing and Detoxifying herbal formulas, Digestive Replenishment Program, Iris Analysis and a Comprehensive Educational Program, coving such areas as energy exercises, nutritional guidance, mind calming and stress reducing techniques. Over 12 weeks clients have felt an increase in energy, more youthful appearance, more emotional stability, and a quieter and more peaceful mind. They get excited on how easy it is to make positive personal healthy changes. Clients experience a steady inflow of courage and determination. Their willingness to change and improve will grow and strengthen. By the end of the program clients comment on how easy it has become for them to make changes, life enhancing changes.

Article by Robert Kendall

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