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To make an appointment, or to book one of our Seminars, meditation classes and skype calls, or to simply ask for more information, please contact us...

Robert Kendall

m: 0411 715 700
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our address is

info @ heavenearthhealing (dot) com

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Rob is also available for Phone and Skype consultations


Shauna Kendall

for an BrainGym Kinesiology Balance Session

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m: 0401 155 636

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Welcome to HeavenEarth Healing

Clients and prospective clients often ask us if Traditional Chinese Medicine or Natural Therapies can help a particular problem. While Natural Medicine cannot cure every problem, there are very few problems if any that will not benefit from a course of treatments. Today humanity suffers from health problems that 30 years ago were unheard of, to name just a few...

  • AIDS, various flu virus
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • ADD
  • Chemical & Food intolerances
  • Accumulation of Pollutants/Heavy metals and the health problems that result from lack of clean air, food and water.

Our bodies are being assailed by lifestyle stresses i.e. electromagnetic radiation from excessive use of wifi/microwave devices
and pollution/ toxins/ environmental problems of our water, air and food.

Many of these pollutants and heavy chemicals have only appeared in the last 30 years.

'Healing' and 'health' are two words that are thrown around in every conversation. Having a good state of health is of paramount importance to most of us, however we don't really value it until we have lost it.

In this day and age we seem to be losing our quality of health faster than ever before. A basic concept of Natural Healing is the belief in the healing power of Nature, that is to say, that there is a Vital curative energy in the body.

The aim of Natural Traditional Medicine is to treat with energies and substances that are natural to the body and to educate the client towards change in lifestyle or diet that would achieve and maintain their optimum health.