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Seven ways to breathe package

7 Ways to Breathe for Meditation, Relaxation & Vital Energy

Connecting to your breathing is one of the most powerful ways to change your mind states. Breathing keeps the body and brain alive. More important than food and water, breathing delivers vital oxygen to brain cells and without oxygen the brain would begin to die after 4 minutes.

If you would like some simple and yet powerful ways to deepen your meditation practice, increase your vital life energy and reach deeper states of relaxation and wellbeing then you will find this free Breathing\ booklet valuable.

Here are 7 ways to help create a strong foundation to your meditation practice, body health and with regular practice bring greater vitality to your day to day activities.

'7 Ways to Breathe' is based on centuries old traditional Indian and Chinese medicine, meditation and yoga techniques. We use these breathing techniques ourselves and shared them with clients and seminar participants alike.

We have found these techniques to be incredibly helpful and easy to apply.

As always if you have any difficulty in breathing please consult your Doctor or Complimentary Practitioner before practicing these techniques.

To have instant access to your FREE - 7 Ways to Breathe - - for Inner Peace, Meditation, Relaxation & to increase vital life energy complete the form below to download your booklet now.


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