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Weight Loss Program

Emotional Freedom Techniques
2014 Tapping World Summit

Helpful tips to Vital Energy

21 Tips - - to increase Vitality, Health & Inner Peace

When you have a consistent Spiritual practice there will be periods where the body-mind will release body toxins and negative emotions. In the short term it may feel uncomfortable and tiring.

By following these 21 tips you will lessen your negative feelings and move into greater states of improved health and vitality. As always, if your symptoms persist please consult your Doctor or Complimentary Practitioner

If you feel ready to make some healthy changes in how you approach life's challenges, want to experience more vital energy, a clearer mind, deeper emotional peace and achieve more harmony in your day to day living, then you will enjoy this free booklet!

We have created this special booklet just for you - it contains a quick summary of our favorite tools and techniques. We have found these techniques to be incredibly helpful and easy to apply.

We have practiced and have applied them to our own lives as well as shared them with many clients and seminar participants over the years.

Don't be fooled by their simplicity, you would be amazed how many people do not practice these simple and yet effective practices.


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