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Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics - a new approach to Healing and Transformation

"ME is a powerful consciousness technology that provides for instantaneous and lifelong transformation of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It is based on widely known principles of Quantum Physics"

A Consciousness technology for the 21st century - Created and taught by Dr Richard Bartlett USA.

Based on Quantum Physics, Matrix Energetics taps into the morphic fields of infinite potential and provides an easy path to infinite possibilities. It allows the wisdom of the heart and right brain to come forward into the consciousness mind and guide the process of healing and transformation. By tapping into the ME's powerful morphic field, we are able to access the torsion energy field of the heart. This helps us to move beyond our limiting belief systems. We get out of our own way and open to a Universe full of infinite potential, the realm of miracles.

We focus on connecting to our authentic true inner self and open to the Grace that comes from Divine Presence. This in turn creates an external manifestation of healing and transformation.

This might sound too far out and cosmic for you, but let me say that this can be experienced during a Matrix Energetics session. Many thousands of people around the world are now experiencing the wonders of Matrix Energetics.

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Shauna and Robert are Matrix Energetic Practitioners.

They have regular MEx play groups and love talking about the power of the Matrix.

"When we change our consciousness around what is possible, rather than being limited by a reality construct dominated by what isn't possible, we discover that we are actually able to employ quantum energies and principles in our day to day lives in unexpected, and fun - and miraculous - ways"
Dr Richard Bartlett's book 'Physics of Miracles'

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