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Emotional Freedom Techniques



The Tapping Solution

This link connects you a website that contains free EFT information

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Heal - Transform - Awaken



EFT - The Essentials of Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT is part of the new energy psychology movement.
In it's easy to learn and practice.
It has the extraordinary ability to help move your negative emotional states
within minutes, as well as release pain, tension, negative thinking and
take the stress out of your day to day life.
It is easily mastered by everyone and can work immediately;
a trulybeneficial tool for your whole LIFE!

Date: Saturday February 2016

Local: Gold coast area for brochure please contact us
Fee: 1 day $185 includes manual and Relaxation CD ($25)



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Beginners Heart - Beginners Mind

Meditation & Deep Relaxation Seminar For Healing & Optimum Health

There are many methods taught by spiritual traditions, both ancient and modern.
We all are living busy and often stressful lives.
Learning to relax the body and bring peace to the mind is what this day offers.
This seminar is designed for those of you who wish to start practising
meditation but find it all a bit difficult.
Finding the right way of meditating for you, is what this day is all about.

Robert and Shauna Kendall will be offering a half day seminar on

seminar on meditationDate: 2016 yet to be decided
Fee: $67, payable on booking
Venue: Cassia Wellness Clinic, Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast
Bookings are Essential;

For Info & bookings please phone Clinic 0411 715 700