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Emotional Freedom Techniques
2014 Tapping World Summit

01013_flow_1920x1200.jpgCultivating Vital Healing Energy
Robert & Shauna Kendall

Foundational practices to awaken
Healing Chi Energy
A Traditional Chinese Medicine approach :

Learn how to activate and stimulate your own internal energy to help healing, prevent aging, release stress and improve your skin and general body health.

Illness is caused by a blockage of energy. Too much or too little energy in one part of the body results in dis-ease and eventually stresses the entire body/mind.

This one day Seminar will teach the fundamental techniques to cultivate the healing life force that the Chinese Masters call Chi (QI) and that the Indian Masters call Prana.
This Seminar is a practical self-help program for healing and self-transformation, a practical system accessible to everyone

You will learn how this Traditional Medicine has helped millions of people to: smiling mandala

You will learn practical techniques that are easy to learn and practice.


Robert and Shauna will share their years of experience and knowledge on how Traditional Chinese Doctors have been able to heal and treat successfully for over 4000 years, using the wisdom of Natural Oriental science, and the body’s natural Energy flows.

Shauna Rob





Cultivating Vital Healing Energy 1 day event

2016 dates to be decided   

9:30am to 5:00pm

COST $187.00 per person
includes Manual and Deep Alpha Relaxation CD (value $40)

Bookings are essential, for Gold Coast area
Space is limited
please call 0411 715 700to reserve your place at this exciting new seminar!
Cost is payable upon booking

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